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The Musado Project is an international non-profit organization that connects the world’s best martial artists 

in an endeavor to coach and mentor at risk children and low-income families.


We all have seen the iconic “Karate Kid” movie that portraits the priceless relationship and bond between struggling teenager Daniel Larusso and his Karate master, Mr. Miyagi. To those who have practiced martial arts, the “Karate Kid” movies are so relatable because these practitioners have experienced firsthand the life long bond that occurs between student and instructor.

Martial arts have a long rich history of changing the lives of its practitioners for the better. From character development, confidence, positive networking, emotional wellbeing and physical health; martial artists throughout history have been equipped with the tools necessary to succeed in all areas of life.

Unfortunately, the unavoidable overhead costs of operating a modern-day martial arts school or gym cause the membership fees to be financially out of reach for those who need this mentoring the most. This is where “The Musado Project” serves to better the community by funding the world’s best martial artists and instructors in an endeavor to mentor at risk children and low-income families through martial arts training.

Anyone can train in The Musado Project’s martial arts program. For those who cannot afford this life changing martial arts experience, The Musado Project qualifies both children and adults for The Musado Project's mentoring program. Those students are those that are; 

In the foster care system, 

Have suffered abuse, 

Have been victimized by human trafficking, 

Live in homelessness, 

Living in low income families, 

Trying to escape gang life, 

Recovering from drugs or alcohol addiction, 

Failing out of school, 

Troubled youth 

Those in trouble with the law,

Those who have been victimized by bullying,

Parents looking to reconnect with their children.

*The Musado Project qualifies each student on a case by case basis.

For those who qualify for the martial arts mentoring program, they will receive the highest level of martial art training in smaller size classes with a world class martial arts instructor. These deep seeded bonds being built will be used to mentor and be a positive influence in all areas of the student’s life. These students will have these-life changing opportunity for little to no cost of the student or their family. 

The Musado Project relies on the donations of people like you who want to assure those who need this mentoring program the most have the full opportunity to participate. Your support of The Musado Project changes lives and is greatly appreciated.


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